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What did you do to prep this week?

Well, folks, after over a year of consistently declining interest in prepping and thus falling traffic numbers to this and all other prepper sites I’m beginning to see an uptick once again. And that’s a good thing… for everyone.

The decline was due to the election of Donald Trump because it seems that a lot of people thought that their savior had arrived and now they were going to live in an eight-year utopia so they didn’t need to prepare or do anything for themselves any longer.

Another reason for the decline in interest was the cancellation of most of the...

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Fall In Love With The Smith and Wesson Model 10

by Bill H

I was recently at a gun show and a dealer friend of mine had a couple of Smith and Wesson Model 10 revolvers. He also had a couple of the Taurus copies of the same gun. Prices were under $300 for each, for even the nicest specimen. All of us, this small group of gun show nuts, commented how they get no respect but they work. That is the beauty of the Model 10. It has been produced since 1899 and is still made today. Simple and reliable are the traits that have allowed it to last so long.

The Model 10 started out as the Military and Police and was a variation on the other...

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Training and Education for The Self-Reliant Prepper

By James Ballou

Preppers, as a general rule, tend to be people with initiative. We take it upon ourselves to prepare for the uncertain future. This is a pro-active attitude that aims to leave as little up to chance as possible regardless of circumstances.

I think most of us would agree that our skills and our education in survival-related subjects is at least as important, if not even more important than the survival gear and supplies we stockpile. Having a healthy cache of food could certainly buy us time in a post-apocalypse world and I don’t want to downplay the importance of having...

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Prepper News and Notes For Wednesday, February 28, 2018

It’s been a couple of months since I mentioned my other website; it’s a homesteading news site that is updated every day with new links to the best homesteading articles that have been published that day. Please, check it out, bookmark and visit every day for the latest homesteading information.

And don’t forget about My Pinterest Page, I pin there just about every day and you can find some great info through those pinned articles. I also have a Facebook Fan Page with over 17,000 fans but it’s essentially useless since Facebook decided to stop showing my...

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Mountain House, Wise Foods, Augason Farms and MRE’s : Weekly product review

This review is a result of my purchasing and trying various case lots of foods from the mentioned food manufacturers and types. None of these manufacturers donated or gave me any product. Additionally, the MRE’s (meals ready to eat) tested and tried were from civilian manufacture, government contracted agencies and I did not sell or buy these no profit or design outside of testing was intended.

Among preppers and survivalist types there are definite lines drawn over what gun, caliber and food type is best. Even when someone presents direct evidence to support their approach, the vast amounts...

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Prepper News and Notes For Monday, February 26, 2018

Attention Writers: I’m always looking for new informative articles to publish here on this site and I will pay you $cash for those articles! Find out the details here.

February 26 is the birthday of American singer-songwriter Johnny Cash who sold more than 90 million records worldwide it’s also the birthday of William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody. Also on this date in history, February 26, 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte and his supporters leave Elba to start a 100-day re-conquest of France.

1.Congress Returns, and Under Pressure to Act on Guns

Lawmakers will return to...

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How to Make a Secure Chicken Run for Backyard Chickens Out of PVC, Chicken Wire, and Zip Ties

by John B

I made this 10’ wide X 10’ X 5’ tall Chicken run for under 100 bucks and it has worked fantastically.

What you will need

  • 1” elbows 20
  • 1“ T’s – 14
  • 1” PVC pipe 12 – 10’ sections
  • Bird netting (cheap plastic garden netting)
  • Bag of zip ties
  • Chicken wire of your choice, you will need at least 50 feet if you can find 5’ tall chicken wire. I took 3’ tall chicken wire and overlapped it in the middle by 1’ and zip tied it in the middle to make it 5’ tall.

This is very easy to build and pretty self-explanatory until you get to the door....

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Craft Holsters What You Should Know: Weekly Product Review

Holsters, we all have them or we all need them. Even if it is for our knives, money and or things the idea of carrying our belongings in a secure, comfortable manner is important. I am a fan of polymer holsters (having worn them for many many years and used them in many formats and under many conditions) however, I also enjoy good leather holsters as well.

Craft Holsters is a European company that supports the NRA and the culture we ascribe too. This holster was sent to me in exchange for my reviewing it. I have since this time purchased another for my wife to use!

While I do carry Glocks and...

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Prepper News and Notes For Monday – February 19, 2018

I’ve had a couple readers ask where my affiliate link is – okay, look over to the right side of the blog in the sidebar, there it is right at the top with a big check-mark in front of it. Please use that link as your entry portal every time that you shop at It costs you NOTHING extra and I’ll get a small commission that I use to keep this site online and free for you.

Using that link is the best way for you to help support this website and what we do here and like I said it costs you nothing extra at checkout, you will pay exactly same for whatever you...

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What Did You Do To Prep This Week?

Well, folks, for the past few days its been like springtime here on the Cumberland Plateau with temperatures reaching up into the upper 60’s with several days next week forecasted to rise to the 70’s, however, with the rise in temperatures has also come rain, rain, and some more rain and that’s resulted in some flooding problems in some areas.

But, personally, I’d rather have some flooding along the rivers and low areas and warm temps than bitter cold and three-foot of snow and ice.

The water level here will drop down to normal after a few dry days and everyone goes...

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Barter For Survival: Top Ten Barter Items Every Prepper Should Have

Barter items for survival – What would you have to trade in a survival situation?

Any conversation about prepping first starts with the “the best survival gun” followed by “bugging out vs hunkering down” and then on to “the best retreat location” and then to “what to have on hand for barter… well today, I’m going to answer that question.

The first thing to consider is what items do people need and use every day, followed by will they need these items after a long-term disaster and if so will those items be readily available when the resupply lines are cut. If not, then...

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Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle Review: What You Need To Know

by Bill H – Firearms Review Editor

Col. Jeff Cooper was a proponent of modern marksmanship and gun handling.  Many people in the gun world are familiar with his shooting school and the techniques that he championed.  Many today use his color code system to signify threat levels and he will always be known as an advocate of the M1911 in .45ACP.

One of his pet projects was called the Scout Rifle.  Without going deep into his reasoning, I will try to give a quick description of what he was trying to build.  This was a bolt-action rifle with a forward mounted, long eye-relief scope of...

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Prepper News and Notes For Wednesday – February 16, 2018

One thing that I’ve noticed in the comments here is that far too many readers only consider the absolute worse case end of the world, without rule of law type of event when prepping and when looking at new ideas about prepping, and while such an event is possible, it isn’t the only thing that we should prep for or be our main motivation for prepping.

If you look at history, i.e. the U.S. great depression, Argentina’s economic collapse, or even the current economic collapse in Venezuela they were and are awful events that caused and are causing mass human suffering, however,...

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Bugging Out in an RV

Geo S,

Imagine waking up to the news that there is an impending nuclear bomb threat right in your area, or turning on the radio to an extreme weather warning urging everyone to evacuate the city. How prepared are you? If you have a bug out bag for yourself or your whole family, you probably feel prepared, but there is still the question of finding shelter from the elements and wondering how long you’ll be gone. If you own an RV, many of these worries are immediately reduced.

Not only can an RV help you get out of town quickly, but there are many benefits that come with owning one when ...

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