Say Uncle


Preach. But instead some advocate acting in the emotional way when the facts aren’t all out.

True enough

Editorial: Thoughts and prayers wont stop these mass shootings

I don’t think thoughts and prayers work that way. Of course, what’s also true is that your calls for gun control won’t stop mass shootings either.

They only know the one song

Another mass shooting. Another with warning signs. This time they were ignored almost completely. And the press and the left (but I repeat myself) are in full gun control advocacy mode. There have not been 18 school shootings this year.

It’s a repeat of the last one. Lots of calls for “action” but no real definition of what “action” would be.


Sebastian: Don’t ban the brown drink

Also, seen on facebook by PDB:

If you don’t know what a 4473, Form 4, or 922(r) is, do not know what the dates 1934, 1968, 1986, 1994 and 2004 mean, cannot explain the difference between shall-issue and may-issue, or a 03 SOT versus an 02 SOT, then you are not prepared to articulate any useful opinion on the state of gun law in this country and you should do your homework before speaking.

Quote of the day


Your open-carried gun is not an empowerment tool, it’s just a gun. It doesn’t tell everyone you are strong and determined, it just tells them you have a gun. It’s not a deterrent, it’s just a gun. People get to decide if they feel deterred or not.

Guns are not talismans either.

Happy VD

You should have something better to do than be here!

Gun Porn

I suppose I can’t judge since I have a pink AR-15 but I will. Two ugly AKs.

Suddenly, there’s concern about this states’ rights business

NYC police commissioner is having a bit of the vapors over the possibility of national reciprocity for gun permits. Some choice quotes:

I think its insanity

Yup. Exercising a constitutional right is insanity.

ONeill said accidents and suicides in addition to crime could skyrocket with more out-of-state guns around town.

And where has that happened in the past?

Right now, we have a good idea of whos carrying guns. If this law passes, all bets are off,

Yes, rich white guys with connections to get a permit. Otherwise, you have no idea who is carrying illegally.

About those hotel safes

Some of them are not all that secure because the hotels don’t reset the super user code:

Getting a carry permit in NYC

In the case of Corbett v. City of New York, he’s trying. And it seems impossible. Particularly when the hoops you have to jump through include:

You also must use recycled paper for all your printing, because lets be environmentally-friendly while failing to allow e-filing and requiring 8 copies.

Read it all. It is remarkably absurd.