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Bump stocks are all the rage again since Trump told the DOJ to make up some laws to ban it. Slidefire’s site is still down, due to volume. I confess, I went over there to buy one just have it. Sebastian with some common sense:

So what do you do? Call on ATF to undertake rule making, where you can control the process under a friendly administration, and make sure whatever comes out is narrowly worded. Also, since its regulation, rather than law, its much easier to change.

And the opposing view, advocating that congress should take it up.

Of course, a ban is not going to eliminate them in the era of 3D printing.

I’m sure the ATF will get right on this

Some idiot decided to destroy his AR-15 after the Florida shooting to keep a gun off the street or something. The problem for this guy is that he just cut the barrel. That gun can still fire. But it won’t cycle. So he has, inadvertently, made a short barreled rifle, which is illegal.

At least this other idiot did it right.

Common sense gun safety

Sarasota County Sheriff:

My recommendation is for the school to consider implementing a quasi-school security program that puts retired law enforcement and military veterans on Sarasota County campuses. Members would be contracted through the schools however, our agency will be made available to put them through the proper training. I have spoken with the superintendent who agrees this can be a win-win for everyone.

An idea that may actually work.

A thing your “we must do something about guns” friends on Facebook need to watch

This is very well done. Although, he seems to have gotten the term “assault rifle” (which is actually a thing) confused with “assault weapon” (which is made up):

Too many great quotes to list. But this made me laugh:

It’s very hard to subdue a home intruder with your dick.

We have facts. They have dick jokes.

Trump directs DOJ to ban bump stocks

Seems to me this would require passing a law:

Just a few moments ago I signed a memo directing the attorney general to propose regulations that ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns

Related: Slidefire, a maker of bump stocks, seems to be having website issues. They appear to have DDOS protection enabled.

The internet for the last week

SJW: Let’s ban all guns!

Gun Nut: Uhm, no.

SJW: Ok, let’s ban the ones that look scary!

Gun Nut: Also, no.



A gun dealer has been found guilty of, well, lots of things. Seems he conspired with some police to get department letterhead to procure machine guns for them. And there are laser sights only available to law enforcement? And that’s an FDA reg? Anyone know anything about that.

Republicans react to Florida shooting

Prominent republican donor says Republicans should pass a ban on guns to keep getting money. Given his history of backing the losers, meh.

Trey Gowdy supports banning bump stocks, even though one wasn’t used in FL.

The idiocy does need to be mocked. Just yours.

John Kasich:

If all the sudden you couldn’t buy an AR-15, what would you lose? Would you feel your second amendment rights would be eroded?

I’d lose my freedom and my rights would be eroded. Now, go away.

Trump open to improving background checks.