Say Uncle

On the 1911

You know I’m a fan of the black plastic people poppers in the S&W and Glock variety. And I just don’t really think the 1911 is a good carry gun. I’m not a fan because it has less capacity, is heavy, and I’ve seen too many of them go tango uniform. But I think this is absolutely correct: The Best 1911?

The banned played on

Justice and ATF are looking to ban bump stocks:

Possessing firearm parts that are used exclusively in converting a weapon into a machine gun is illegal, except for certain limited circumstances, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) said in a joint statement. Today we begin the process of determining whether or not bump stocks are covered by this prohibition.

That whole Vegas shooting thing has really dropped of the radar, hasn’t it? Wonder why.

Guns exploding

Seems there’s a suit against Savage because one of their front-stuffers tends to get explody. Now, first things first, I know very little about muzzle loaders. But it seems with that type of gun, there’s a lot of points in the loading process that could break down. Such as using too much powder, not seating a bullet, etc. Again, I know nothing about muzzle loaders other than what they are. Anyone experience something like that?

Yes. But they are fun to shoot.

Are Revolvers Pass?

I have a revolver. A Ruger Match Champion. It is hands-down my favorite gun to shoot at the range. I’d never seriously consider carrying it every day. It’s heavy and only holds six shots. The M&P is fairly light and holds 18 BBs.

I’ve considered a pocket revolver but I’m thinking a single stack 9mm would be better.


There will be a floor vote on National Reciprocity. But:

However, as predicted by Rep. Tom Massie (R-KY) the Fixed NICS bill has been merged with concealed carry reciprocity. It is now Title II of HR 38. Massie goes on to say that when the bill hits the Senate, carry reciprocity will be dropped and only the Fix NICS portion approved. Then given different bills have passed the House and Senate it will go to a conference committee who will only report out the Fix NICS portion of the bill. Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV) has offered an amendment to the bill being considered in the Rules Committee that would drop the carry portion of the bill.