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A resurgence of the gun control movement


Now, I do believe that social media has greatly enhanced the ability of a small number of determined activists to intimidate traditional companies who dont really get social media. But in 2008, they did not have even a small number of determined activists.

If you really want to annoy the other side, join the NRA. They’re running special discounts.

The Florida shooting gets weirder and weirder

Two more students say CNN scripted the alleged town hall.

One names the names of those at CNN.

Now it’s alleged that four deputies hid while the shooting was going on.

Someone needs educate the photogenic kid who’s reading the gun control talking points about the powers of the governor. Of course, it’s because the governor is a Republican and the sheriff, who is at fault, is not.

Were school officials told to gun down on the number of arrests to get grant money? Looks like it. They were incentivized not to prosecute the shooter. Then he may have not passed the background check.

A Total Failure of the State


Law enforcement was aware of the Florida shooter. They were warned repeatedly and it sill happened.

An officer was on the scene when the shooting happened. He never entered the building or engaged the shooter. He’s resigned. Apparently, he took a position and radioed it in. Is that the protecting or the serving? Granted, it may have been a training issue as police, until recently, did tend to show up, secure the area, etc. But I don’t think that’s the case anymore.

Perhaps it is, then, a bit of projection that the sheriff is blaming the NRA for his department’s repeated failures. You, sir, are a clown.

So, CNN had a town hall

I was unavailable yesterday because Junior was being honored by the, err, Honor Society. But I’ve been catching up.

CNN should be embarrassed over their town hall. But that requires some level of awareness that they don’t have. It was moderated by a guy who used to work for Handgun Control, Inc. The audience was stacked against the pro rights side. And basically consisted of kids, recently the victims of something horrific, hysterically emoting and virtue signaling. I mean, seriously, this is considered discourse? It was a disgrace.

A survivor claims CNN gave him scripted questions. The good guys say they were not informed of how things were going to go. Another survivor says CNN just wants them to promote an agenda, not actually opine. It was scripted.

It’s like the anti-gunners are running the black lives matter playbook.

Now that’s funny


Just last week, Congress was calling on Tide to change the design of the Pods so teenagers would stop eating them. This week, teenagers should determine gun policy.

And we shouldn’t base policy on the emotional reactions of freaked out victims.