Say Uncle

I chuckled a little

Walmart will no longer sell rifles to those under 21. Dick’s Sporting Goods will no longer sell “assault rifles” which is kind of surprising because if they were selling “assault rifles” that would have been illegal.

FedEx didn’t abandon the NRA but issued some silly statement supporting gun control. So, I kind of laughed today when FedEx delivered my bump stock.

George Takei is apparently an idiot

The NRA sells guns to Americans, then when those guns get used for the purpose for which they were designed, the NRA sells Americans ways to fortify against the effects of those guns. Quite a racket they have going.

And their biggest pitchman is sitting in the White House.

— George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) February 23, 2018

So, George, where is the NRA’s gun store? Where can I get a NRA brand pistol?

Gun Porn

Sadly, they control the future of information. Unless something changes.

A reader emails:

Go to google’s site, and enter “AR10”, and click the “Shopping” link. You’ll get numerous results as you’d expect, probably because Google as not figured out that an AR10 is an evil assault rife.

Now try it with “AR15”: “Your search did not match any shopping results”

They won’t even say that it violates their policy. They just make the information disappear.

Here are the links: AR-15 v. AR-10

Hit them in the wallet

So, Delta decided to yank benefits for NRA members. As such, the Georgia LG is blocking their tax exemption for jet fuel. To the tune of $50M.

A few things on the NRA bennies. Not a lot of members are aware of them. I never new I got a lot of those discounts. I did, however, use their life insurance. It was a good rate and reasonable coverage. But I never knew I got car rental and plane discounts.

And what were these companies thinking? Do they think the 17 year old kids and twitter bots harassing them will ever be customers? And do they think the NRA’s 5M members will continue use their services? Most will. Until NRA sends a notice out in America’s First Freedom and Shooting Illustrated. But then, I’m guessing they’ll lose some business.

The Trumpening


President Donald Trump told a gathering of state governors on Monday that “we have to have action” in the wake of the latest US mass shooting and urged governors not to be “afraid” of challenging the National Rifle Association.

I think he needs to think before speaking.

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Glenn with some truth:

But since the point of gun control is to humiliate and grind down flyover people and demonstrate that the Ruling Class is ultimately the, well, Ruling Class not to control crime the appearance of submission is probably enough. Plus, a seldom enforced and often ignored law is ideal if you want to be able to target troublesome individuals later.