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Merry Christmas

Hope you and yours have a good holiday. Light blogging ahead for obvious reasons.

Making it up as they go for political posturing

The ATF is looking to classify bump stocks as machine guns:

Tomorrow, ATF will publish an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding the application of the definition of machinegun to Bump Fire stocks and other similar devices. As many have feared, it appears that the regulatory agency is soliciting information to help draft a rule which may potentially lump bump fire stocks, binary triggers, etc., within the definition of machinegun.

The law is the law until they say it’s not.

TFB founder retiring

I’ve met Steve from The Firearm Blog. He’s a great guy and I’ve read him from the beginning. And I was apparently his inspiration for posting about guns and leaving all the political stuff out of it. It worked for him. But he’s now turning over the blog to new editors. Good luck, Steve.

Question: What’s the derpiest gun you’ve ever owned?

It was the first gun show after the passage of the 1994 ban on “assault weapons”. No one was really certain the impact the law would have so I, along with everyone else in East Tennessee, did the reasonable thing and panic bought. Everyone had to have an AR-15, including me. And they were overpriced and very few were to be had. But I was determined to get one. And I got this one:

Yup. That’s an Olympic Arms with an 11.5 inch barrel and a 5.5 inch flash suppressor welded onto it. Olympic doesn’t have the best reputation for quality. But we didn’t have the gunternet back then and I just knew I had to have an AR because the .gov said I couldn’t.

Why is it derpy? Why would you want an 11.5 inch barrel and a welded flash hider? 16 inches of barrel would just be better. And it wasn’t a high quality firearm. And it had an old school laser sight on it. You know, the kind that were a foot long and you had to run wires to the trigger guard. And it was mounted on the carrying handle. Yup. Derp.

What’s your derp gun?

Streak Visual Ammunition

See the path of your bullet with these rounds that they want you to know are not tracers:

They seem a bit spendy but it might be nice to have a good visual of your carry gun’s bullet path.

Do want!

A full auto Maxim 9:

Gun Porn

Rifle barrel made from rebar:


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