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Fan Fiction – Hi-Points And Low Points

*The squats are paying off, I’m looking like a snack* thought Rebecca, as she grabbed the rear waistband area of her Alexo Athletica pants; lifting it upwards a couple inches, then letting go. “THIIIIIIIIIIICC” she said out loud, bursting into laughter while checking herself out in the full length bedroom mirror. She looked really good for 37, and wanted everyone to know it. Rebecca’s husband Mark was going to be home from work in an hour, and she still needed to take their young son Justin, to the park to play. “Mommy will be there in a second sweetie!” she yelled out while entering the code to the small gun safe in top of the bedroom closet. “Ugh Mark can never put shit back properly” she whispered under her breath through clenched teeth. Annoyed, taking his Hi-Point C9 out and setting it next to the safe by his tie rack, so she could properly get at her Glock 43. *Mark you’re an accountant with an MBA for God sake… have some dignity* she thought, and instantly felt bad as she closed the safe. The G43 slid smoothy into the Alexo waistband pocket, to the right of the pocket she permanently designated as snack storage.

As Justin played on the swings Rebecca’s eyes wandered across the park, noticing the usual cliques of young moms trying to “one-up” one another. Whether it be SUVs, handbags, or $2000 strollers… this place was for checking your social rank as much as it was for letting your kids burn off some energy. Being a good 5 years older than these women, Rebecca was glad to have nothing to prove to anyone. She knew this annoyed them, judging by the eyes she could always feel on her and the few comments in the past, that she was not supposed to (but supposed to) hear. “I’ll give you three more pushes then we gotta get home to see Dad” said Rebecca as they finished up.

Rebecca began making dinner while little Justin played with his LEGOs. They were having Greek salad, and chicken souvlaki tonight; Mark’s favorite. “Babe? I’m home!” Mark’s voice echoed through the foyer and into the kitchen. ” I’ll come say hi and help you in a second, I’m just going to change clothes.” he said as he briskly bounded up the stairs to the bedroom. Opening the bedroom closet to put his suit and tie away, he noticed the C9 out of the safe sitting next to his tie rack. *Hello old friend* Mark thought, interestingly enough feeling guilty for neglecting it for over a decade since graduating from school and buying several HKs and Glocks. As Mark touched the slide of the handgun, it was like a lightening bolt hit him. He blurted out at full volume “MY DIAMONDS CERTIFIED / MY TRIGGER WORKING / GOT IT OUT THE MUD BABY / THAT’S WHY MY CUP DIRTY”. Instantly recoiling in amazement and an excited terror, Mark’s heart rate and breath quickened. “Mark? What?” he heard faintly from downstairs. “Uh, nothing hunnie, I’ll be down in a minute”. Mark stared at the Hi-Point and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. He reached out and grabbed the entire gun by the grip “I’M A MONSTER, EXORCISMS / TOTE TOOLS LIKE MECHANICS, MECHANISMS”. Rebecca had no idea what was going on, but at this point the vegetables Mark was supposed to help cut up were finished, and the chicken was almost ready. She took of her glasses, sighed and massaged the bridge of her nose with the thumb and index finger of her right hand. “I’m going to go check on daddy” Rebecca said to little Justin, before taking a generous sip of her Chardonnay and headed towards the stairs. She wasn’t ready for what she saw as she rounded the corner into the bedroom. Mark wearing only his boxers, C9 in hand and in a daze yelling stuff at himself in the mirror “YOU WALKING WITH YOUR HEAD DOWN, SCARED TO LOOK / YOU SHOOK / CAUSE AIN’T NO SUCH THINGS AS HALFWAY CROOKS / THEY NEVER AROUND WITH THE BEEF COOKS IN MY PART OF TOWN….”. Rebecca gasped, yelling out “MARK NO!”. Stopping mid sentence Mark looked over at her with a vacant expression. “I’VE BEEN OUT HERE GETTING BREAD. I DON’T NEED YOU ALL IN MY LOAF” he continued while fist pumping the gun at himself in the mirror. “Mark stop, this isn’t funny” pleaded Rebecca as she walked towards him. She could hear Justin crying downstairs, likely scared by what was going on. She knew what she had to do. Mark continued rapping into the mirror while Rebecca maneuvered stealthy behind him. “Mark, put the gun down or I’m going to call the police” she pleaded with him. This caught his attention. Knocking the proverbial wind out of his sails he spun around to face Rebecca, gun limp in hand at his side – “I’LL NEVER TALK TO THE COPS. I DON’T SPEAK PIG LATIN.” he obnoxiously yelled at her while standing there like a robot. She saw the opportunity so she went for it, smacking the gun out of his hand. The C9 hit the hardwood floor with a loud thud, as did Mark’s now limp exhausted body. Half in a stupor he saw Rebecca kneeling sideways propped up on one hand in front of him “Wha… what happened?”. “You just fainted. You need to drink more water during the day babe.” said Rebecca in a concerned voice as tears welled up in her eyes. She kissed him then cleared her throat loudly to cover for the sound, as she used one foot to kick the Hi-Point deep underneath the king size bed.

Thoughts?  I don’t know how many of you guys follow me on Instagram, but I think this is like the 8 or 9th fan fiction I’ve done now if you care to read more like this.  Most of the previous ones were heavily sheepdog related, so I thought I’d switch it up a bit.  I do plan on compiling them in one place someday.

P.S.: Here are the songs I referenced:

Future – For Da Gang
Lil Wayne – President Carter
Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest
Lil Wayne – UOENO
Lil Wanye & 2Chainz – Rich as Fuck

Fan Fiction – Hi-Points And Low Points originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog

VODA Explains The C.A.R. System In His Polenar Tactical T-Shirt And Shades

VODA is really feeling himself in this one.  Fake Jamaican accent turned up to 11:

0:32 – Shoutouts Paul Castle.  VODA is peeved they didn’t give the man credit.

1:26 – Oh wow, a “contractor” that trained at Sabre Tactical, passed the knowledge down to VODA.  WAY before John Wick came out… he had to emphasize that.

1:38 – LOL I love how he tries to be so smooth, and impress us with his little choreographed hand movements.

“The gaan” always.  What’s a gaan?  Does he mean gun?

5:41 – He tells us to not get our training from youtube… then goes on to say how he has paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to learn what he knows.  I really doubt that, but you never know.

6:50 – haha oh man the icing on the cake was that little clip at the end of him being high speed at the range, controlled pairs, derp scans and all. Beautiful *tear rolls down my cheek*.

This guy is such a dumpster fire.  The random backyard videos from his various auntie’s houses he’s couch crashing at are cute and all, but I really wish he would find a range that hasn’t banned him yet and do more actual shooting vids.  That’s where the real humor was.


VODA Explains The C.A.R. System In His Polenar Tactical T-Shirt And Shades originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog

Data Mining Says Work On Delayed And Obscured Draws


Ugh like are any of you rubes even “mining data” like this guy, in order to figure out the best possible course of action to take in your training?  I’m talking really drilling down in the data… deep digging and filtering down to the threats in your exact zip code, and the ones you travel to.  YEA I DIDN’T THINK SO. *smh* you people really embarrass me sometimes.  I bet you don’t even use the block chain for anything shooting related either huh?

0:22 – “71% of civilian defensive shootings happen at about 6ft on a delayed and obscured draw.”  Normally I like my statistics cited and accurate to at least 5 decimal places, but whatever Todd I’ll take your word for it I guess.

0:35 – “*BOP BOP BOP BOP BOP* I zip him up”.  -Todd Fossey

Also Todd Fossey in front of the mirror:

Mmm bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du, yeah-e-yeah
Mmm bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba du dop
Ba du bop, ba du dop
Ba du, yeah-e-yeah

Where did this guy mine data from anyways?  Did Facebook sell it to him?

Oh in case you hadn’t already realized it, this video was brought to you by the FuNKeR TaCtiCaL marketing machine.


Data Mining Says Work On Delayed And Obscured Draws originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog

Crowder Does the I’m Pro-Gun Change My Mind Thing Again

1 hour long, but pretty good as usual.  The video is about a month old now, but I was on vacation when it came out:

The best part about these is that Crowder lets the people talk, then asks questions in such a way that the people dig themselves a really deep hole.  He answers their questions, asks them some more questions.. then they dig themselves even deeper.  It’s pretty entertaining to watch.

Holy the people are lined up to try and change Crowder’s mind.  Have they never heard of him?  Maybe they have heard of him, but think they can outsmart him.  Yea not likely.


Crowder Does the I’m Pro-Gun Change My Mind Thing Again originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog

Taking A Look At the Springfield Armory M1A

Pull up… a chair:

Good video.  I didn’t realize it required so much hand fitting in today’s day and age.  I just figured they hit the green button on the CNC machine, and everything came out fitting perfectly down to the thousandth of an inch.

I’m still choked ever since one of you guys put me onto this little fact:

In 1974, the Springfield Armory name was licensed to Robert Reese, to form Springfield Armory, Inc., a company that manufactures semi-automatic versions of the M14 rifle and M1911 pistol. The company is not located in or near Springfield, Massachusetts and has no direct association with the original Springfield Armory.

That hit me in the feels, because all their marketing really is pushing the history angle; “Since 1794” in their official logo too.

Looks like Springfieldgate was successfully swept under the rug.  Good for them I guess?  Not really surprising.  The internet forgets even the most heinous shit in no time at all, especially when it comes to brands that make products which people own, or want to own.


Taking A Look At the Springfield Armory M1A originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog

Manual Crossbolt Shotgun-Style Safety On A Glock

People are always looking for ways to make Glocks “safer”.  This one was done for the Taiwan and Portuguese police straight from Glock apparently:

The other side:


Not pressing the trigger when you don’t want it to shoot is apparently not good enough.  Gotta have something to fumble around with.

I’m surprised the Israelis haven’t asked Glock to make some addon that wouldn’t under any circumstance let them carry with one in the chamber.  That’s always been the move over there, and they are sticking to it. Maybe like a microphone and slide mounted lock requiring verbal confirmation that they are ready to shoot, which unlocks the lock and lets them chamber a round. Yeaaaaaaaaaa.

Remember the other manual Glock safety?  “TeH GaDgEt”  Does anyone use that thing?  Like I said in that post… If a Glock Safety gadget was needed, gaston would have added one.


Gat tip: Marc

Manual Crossbolt Shotgun-Style Safety On A Glock originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog

VODA Talks More About EDA / ECK Over Some Smooth R. Kelly

Come for the R. Kelly… stay for the *snicker* knowledge:

0:14 – No… no one was wondering what was going on with your nose VODA.  Quit calling playing with your auntie’s Chihuahua “working with a K-9″… that’s just embarrassing dude come on.

0:28 – The stress of the internet is steady WORKING my man’s hairline.

1:38 – LOL he’s going to hurt himself so bad with those big-ass stick knives.  LOL at him having “fluidity of motion”… I’m deceased.

VODA really needs a Netflix special.  He’s pretty much my favorite comedian out right now.

Oh and to finish off this post… remember last week how VODA was saying his EDA / ECK “system” was jacked by Navy SEAL Dom Raso.  Well if that wasn’t the funniest shit you’ve ever heard on it’s own… Dom actually made an instagram response post which is pretty epic.  The comments are priceless too.


VODA Talks More About EDA / ECK Over Some Smooth R. Kelly originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog

Holy I Can’t Believe Police Courtesy Cards Are A Thing

This is interesting:

As if that’s a thing.  I bet some of you guys (law enforcement and otherwise) have some good stories regarding these.

Whatever though, if it just gives the person a pass on minor traffic offenses I don’t really care.  More serious stuff though like drunk driving etc… seems unethical to give someone a pass on.

I haven’t got a ticket for anything in well over a decade.  I’m sure it will happen eventually where I’m going over the speed limit somewhere without realizing… but hey that’s how it goes.  I’ll be polite to the officer, pay the ticket and move on with my life.

Thoughts?  I’m with that one guy in the video who says he doesn’t want his name associated with stupid shit other people are trying to get themselves out of with the card.

Holy I Can’t Believe Police Courtesy Cards Are A Thing originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog

VODA Says Dom Raso Jacked His Shooting System

You know, since VODA was the first one ever to shoot with a knife in hand:

Hundreds of years humanity has had firearms, and VODA was the first one to develop a system (which he calls EDA/ECK) where he incorporates a knife into the grip of the handgun.  Incredible. If you don’t believe him you can watch this inspirational EDA/ECK video where he’s demonstrating it.

This knife and gun thing is all too high-speed for me guys.  I’m likely to have the knife flipped around somehow and then go to reload and slice open my stomach, then flinch and shoot myself.

VODA put up an amazing blog post about how influential his training is, and how his “inner circle” and him agreed that Dom must be studying VODA videos.

Thoughts?  Ugh this time change has me messed up, I’ve felt off all day and this VODA stink only made things worse.  This best part is that VODA really believes that Dom Raso is a fan, and he stole this. I can’t wait to see Dom address this, and it turn into one of the greatest firearm beefs of all time. It must really steam VODA too that Dom works for the NRA too (Referencing the NRA threat video).

Oh my god, his Woman’s Firearm Guide is absolutely getting hosed in the reviews on Amazon (and color version here).  Yikes that’s basically 72 bad reviews, mostly from people who haven’t bought the book off Amazon.  Should we give these people a benefit of a doubt, and say they probably read their friend’s copy since the book is so prolific?

VODA Says Dom Raso Jacked His Shooting System originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog

Private School Trains Student Warriors To Swarm An Active Shooter

Train like you fight:

0:06 – Oh lawd… we’re off to a good start *cringe*…. holding her wrist with her support hand.  I’m sure that’s better than nothing, but why not have her do it the correct way?

Maybe I’m a dramatic sensitive snowflake, but if I was little in grade school and someone would have told me “Hey Mikey, you know those violent movies your parents won’t let you watch but you see trailers and previews for all the time?  Yea, well that’s basically real life.  You should be prepared for a madman or even one of your little friends to come in here and MURDER YOU.”  I literally would have never went to school again.

1:57 – Holy shit this is going to be traumatizing… guy walking up with a blue rifle for simulation sake.

2:54 – Whoa this pastor actually told 5 year olds that they are actually “getting ready to die if they aren’t paying attention”.

9:10 – Yoooooo only Thomas Morton would rock the oldschool thick leather belt with the white gripped 6 shooter.

10:00 – Pastor talkin about doing Mozambiques “two to the body one to the head”.  Classic.

10:30 – This former police chief makes a good point.  Stats show that police only have less than 1/3 of the shots they fire hit the intended target in high stress situations.  Teachers could do as good or better?  What happens if they miss their intended target?

I don’t know.. again I don’t have any answers.  I suppose it’s better for kids to be prepared (if you can actually even handle real stress like that and make logical spit second decisions at that age) than be clueless… but man I bet that scares the shit out of a lot of them, despite the fact the delivery of the information from the principal is very calm.

If they are going to all this trouble, they should probably at some point use blank rounds or something similar to show the kids how loud a gun sounds when fired in an enclosed space.


Private School Trains Student Warriors To Swarm An Active Shooter originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog

Funker Tactical Doing Their Best Funker Tactical Impression

“hOw gUn oWnErS FoOl tHeMsElVeS InTo bElIeViNg tHeY CaN FiGhT WiTh tHeIr gUnS!”:

I’m sure Ryan Hoover could actually handle himself really well in all sorts of SHTF knife an gun situations.  If nothing else, he obviously has some moves pretty refined and it’s seemingly his life to practice them.  The shitting on people’s still level and delusions of safety and competence level are always my favorite.  Oh and the camera work and background music.  There’s just no other channel that delivers high level / high production value trolling like Funker.

*See thumbnail for actual picture of me training like I fight*


Funker Tactical Doing Their Best Funker Tactical Impression originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog

Secret Compartment Furniture To Furnish Your Grandma’s House

I’m a huge fan of sneaky stuff like secret compartments, and secret rooms etc… this stuff just looks so basic though.  Ya yea, it’s very innocuous looking, and doesn’t automatically scream “I HAVE MULTIPLE FIREARMS INSIDE OF ME”, so that’s a positive. The designs are very old school though:

Here’s an up close look at one of the tables which holds two handguns and a rifle:

I wish actual design companies like Herman Miller, Knoll etc.. would get into this market.  Like, I’m talking I want an Eames lounge chair, where the headrest houses a Glock 17 and the ottoman has a Draco.  You feel me? The furniture in the above videos would definitely look very much out of place in any modern home.

The Secret Compartment Furniture company has a website if you want to check it out.


Gat tip: Peter

Secret Compartment Furniture To Furnish Your Grandma’s House originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog

The State Of Online Firearms “Training” Is Grim

Yea this basically sums it up (headphone volume warning):

A post shared by Polenar Tactical (@polenartactical) on Feb 22, 2018 at 4:20pm PST

People just can’t wait to throw a like / fanboy comment on their favorite Insta-celeb’s posts though.  I just like to sit back in the shadows and watch the dumpster fires burn bright.

Polenar Tactical obviously did the video as a parody… but seriously poke around the Instagram “gun community” for a couple days and you’ll see what I mean.


The State Of Online Firearms “Training” Is Grim originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog